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Thread: Budget Binoculars

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    Budget Binoculars

    Anyone have any (really) cheap binos that are more modern looking than my Zeiss Jena pair? I'm a bit embarrassed wearing them! They are the old style black ones..... Ideally new pair will be rubberised green type and full size.


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    How cheap and how modern are you after? You can get Bundeswehr surplus 8x30 Hensoldts for about 60 quid or so.

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    They seem to look like a rubberised version of what I have!! I was hoping for some Swarovski lookalikes but obviously cheaper brand.

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    Last post was about surplus binos, I have pmed about the bushnells, thanks!

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    I have a pair of Hawke binos , for the ranges I use in woodland stalking, I have never looked for more. Swari's etc are definitely a better glass, but more than I needed to be honest, and it meant I could put a n S&B scope on the rifle, where the quality of glass matters more, to me at least.
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    Hi there
    i have.A set of vanguard 8x 32ldt for sale on the forum.they have a wide strap on if interested.


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    Keep your Zeiss ones and learning not to be embarrassed? On the other hand, you can get a bargain on Minox 8x42 here: Minox BV 8x42 or 10x42 Black - Optics - Gun Shop, Shotguns, Rifles, Pistols, Air Rifles, Airguns, Gun Trader, Rifle Scopes, Accessories, Cabinets, Safes in Dorset and Devon, UK, Sportsman Gun Centre. I have Minox and they're good.

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    Hi everyone, decided on a new pair of Bushnell 8x42 Natureview Roof Prism binos from Uttings. Thanks!

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