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Thread: FAC variation for two barrels of the same calibre

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    FAC variation for two barrels of the same calibre

    Morning all,

    Any tips on getting a variation through for two barrels in the same calibre ? (switch barrel Mauser)

    I have open sights on the existing barrel and quite enjoy using them for practice at the range, plus I have in mind they could be useful as a 'back-up' for future trips to Africa and perhaps also for running boar etc. However, I would also like to get a moderator for UK stalking. I would like this to be on a shortened barrel for 'handiness', particularly in close forest and obviously this would need to be threaded. So in order to avoid having to ditch the open sights I would prefer to do this on a separate barrel, switching between the two as required.

    I would really like to stick to 30.06 for both as I am a big fan of the calibre, plus there are economies of scale on the ammo. A quick word with my FEO suggested that they normally only consider 'two of the same' where the application is for target shooting in different disciplines, though he had some sympathy with my approach and suggested I apply anyway.

    I just wondered if anyone else had had a similar experience ?

    Mauser M03

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    Apply anyway - sounds as though you have 'good reason'. There are plenty of variations with switch barrels, same calibre doesn't sound a huge problem and doesn't present a problem to public safety
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    I can't see any logical objection as you clearly cannot use two barrels at the same time. Mind you logic and rational thinking don't seem to feature that often so who knows??

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    no problem with a double rifle on the ticket ,and you could use both barrels at once ,never tried it ,a double discharge with a .577 nitro would proberly smack your fingers a bit,so you can get two barrels same caliber.

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    Speak to your FEO and tell him you want two barrels one for Africa for use with open sights and one for use in the UK, of which you would want a threaded barrel for a moderator. this would save you buying a complete new rifle for africa. plus when your on your trip to Africa your only leaving a barrel behind and not a complete rifle which would still require the same security measures on your travels but atleast its only a barrel your leaving behind this is your plan for the security of your firearms when away. worth a try and dont see any force having much of an argument with that.

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    Very helpful replies - thank you !

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    i recently enquired about getting a second .22lr barrel
    I wanted one chopped down to 13" and as I have a full compliment of orginal factory barrels I was keen to maintain the length
    (plus cutting and threading worked out more expensive than buying 2nd hand one!)

    I asked for one short for use in a vehicle and one long for everything else

    they didnt seem to mind at all

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    Much appreciated, thanks.

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    As some (most?) of the others who have replied have already stated, just make your case stating good reason.
    I notice that you are also a London resident.
    On that point, the Met Police sometimes get an undeserved rep for a bit of unpredictability, but I applied for a second .308 rifle, not just a barrel - originally asking just for target use on the second rifle.
    However, the FEO advised me to apply to have both rifles cleared for deer etc.
    Paperwork submitted to that effect and in due course (and surprisingly quickly too) FAC returned with slots for two and both cleared for game and target.
    I can't see why the same wouldn't apply for two barrels.
    Best of luck
    I thought I could see light at the end of the tunnel, but it was only some fecker with a torch bringing me more work

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    I can't see what all the discussion is about it seems perfectly reasonable to me. I don't see the point of making up stories to justify it because you have a perfectly valid reason for the extra barrel. The FEO told you to apply so simply put your application in. At worst they can only argue against it but they will look silly if they do and will probably loose the arguement in the end but quite frankly I would think there will be no problem if you expain your reasons properly.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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