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Thread: Best Deer ammuntion for the Sako 75

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    Best Deer ammuntion for the Sako 75

    After I posted a post on "which rifle to buy?" i have decided to go for the Sako 75 in .243.

    Next question is "which is the best deer ammunttion?" as im sure there are plenty of you out there with that type of rifle

    I would be grateful of any help.

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    I have a sako 75 in 243. Federal power shock, blue box 100 grains works well in mine. Have tried Sako 90 and 100 grain.Remmington core lock 100 grain, and federal 95 grain ballistic tip red box.They all worked out at just over an inch to 1 and a half group .Power shock closed up under an inch so didnt look any further. Hope this helps and saves you a few bob, cheers High seat.

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    Had my Sako 75 S/S .243 since new.
    Shot it in carefully (shoot one and clean X 10, shoot 3 and clean X 5 etc., etc.)
    It shoots most accurately using Sako Gamehead 100 grain - 0.5" 3 shot groups;
    the Sako Gamehead 90 grain is, curiously, slightly less accurate but still under an inch.
    I have a BR Tuote T4 moderator; when zeroing be aware that unless you wait for barrel and silencer to cool between shots, then if firing fairly rapidly you will get the POI drifting from the 3rd shot as everything heats up! This is not a problem in the field as rapid firing is seldom required!


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    Anth this sort of question arises often, have a look back through previous postings. The general advise is that each rifle barrel is totally different irespective of make. Buy an assortment of ammunition and test fire each load and see what works in your rifle. It won't always be the most costly load.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Each rifle is different, but for what its worth, my 75 hunter in 243 likes Norma ammo
    To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target.

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    Have you purchased the rifle yet? if so surely the previous owner could would be able to give you some advice on what fodder the rifle likes.
    Too Old Soon Too Late Smart

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    personally i would take the rifle to someone to work a load up for you,in the long run it will work out much cheaper and you will get a lot more consistant accuracy

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    I have the same rifle, and if they're alike in spirits, it will love the following:
    a. 100g norma SP factory
    b. 100g federal powershock SP
    c. 85g federal HPBT with the premium Scierra hollow points
    d. 87g hornady BTHP at 2.7" COAL in front of 35.5g varget and CCI LR BR primers

    in fact, I can get ALL of the above to touch off the bench at 100yds, that's how good the sako 75 is, which IMHO is really impressive. of course, when you run into a non uniform lot of factory ammo, the groups open up, but never have I had a factory group even with federal above around 3/4".

    personally I like the 87g hornady bhtp because it's a great fox and deer round, it's explosive enough for fox, headshots, neckshots, and of course, the 99% of the time H/L shot, even quartering shots. It 'can' be a bit damaging if you touch a shoulder, but with good shot placement you will see both entry and exit for tracking purposes, exit usually being around 1-1.5" diameter. As I only use shoulder meat for stews and other such dishes, I don't usually worry too much, but if you're shooting to keep as much meat as clean as possible or to sell, it's not the best round and I'd then stick with a soft point. The partition is said to be great, but in a .243 might be a bit too fast to expand properly and might therefore not be ideal for smaller deer species.

    I'm sure something like a Hornady 75-90g Soft Point would be ideal too. - which is in fact me next re-loading project for this rifle, probably 80-90g range if I can find it. I was told 75g'ers were excellent but I can't find them anywhere for sale.

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    Sako 75 s/s, 95 grain nosler bt, 1/2" or less on a good day.

    atb blue.

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    An overweling response! Thanks!

    Im looking forward to getting stuck in now.

    Just need to get through the tour (Afghan) in one piece.

    Plently to look forward too in the spring!

    Thanks again to all that commented on this subject!!

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