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    Scope covers

    Hi am after some advice about scope covers. Was thinking about butler creek flip covers but struggling with sizing. They are to go on a s&b 2.5x10x56 scope. The eye piece is 42mm and the objective is 62mm according to s&b data. The scope covers are either .5 mm larger or smaller which do I get? Will they stretch or do I need the bigger ones and pack them out slightly?Are butler creek the best? Any other suggestions very welcome.

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    Hi butler creek scope covers on size chart for 42mm eye piece is number 16 ~ 42.2mm and objective 62mm is number 46~61.7mm or number 47 ~62.5mm hope this helps
    atb craig

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    I find them useless personally......bought a set for my SB 8 x 56, objective lense was fine, but the hinge joint on the ocular lense snapped the first time I didn't close it properly and it snagged on my jacket, waste of time if you ask me, I have one of their bikini covers for when it's raining, rest of the time I don't bother.

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    Butler creek covers deteriorated in quality a few years back and are now made of toffee. I was stupid enough to replace the one on my s&b 3 times in as many months, the smaller covers from BC seem to do ok but not the ones for large objective lenses. TBH clean your lenses before you go out and even with the heaviest of rains you won't get to much of a problem, just carry a bit of toilet paper. I was using the bikini type that it came with until I recently left them on a dyke..
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    What do you recommend for cleaning?
    Can you buy replacement bikinis?

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    Buy yourself a set of Bushwackers, have them on my Meopta, excellent. Current BC's are not fit for purpose, see v lengthy thread on here. As for cleaning, go to Lidl and buy 50 Spectacle cleaning wipres, approx 1.75. Best things since sliced bread, absolutely excellent, use them on my specs, bins, scopes. Individually wrapped so keep a few in you coat. Cheap camel hair puffer brush from any camera supplier is helpfull. If v dusty then get a aerosol duster, quick squirt will remove and bigger dust crud. Clean in circular motion starting from centre to outside. Cotton wool bud handy for v outer edges. Most modern coatings are hard, but be carefull if cleaning older scopes as are soft and scratch.


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    Quote Originally Posted by big ears View Post
    What do you recommend for cleaning?
    Can you buy replacement bikinis?
    A lint free cloth the type that come with glasses etc... or just a peice of clean soft toilet paper. If you work in an industry with safety glasses see if you can half inch a bottle of safety glasses cleaner. Loads of companies make it, the one sitting beside me right now is made by vision aid and boasts: clean, polish, protect, anti-fog & anti static. I've been using it regularly for a few years on my S&B scope and Swarovski Bins without an issue. Helps for those mornings when your bino's steam up the moment you get out of the truck.

    Sure you'll find replacement bikini covers on ebay or the likes

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