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Thread: DSC1 in Central Scotland.

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    DSC1 in Central Scotland.

    Hiya, my mate and I intend doing our DSC 1, hopefully early next year...I've looked and searched, and the only courses I can find are at Cupar College, which is just a tad too far and a trainer near the Lake of Menteith..but his courses are this month...anyone know of anyone doing them near the Central Belt of Scotland..??

    Thanks in advance guys..

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    Might be worth calling BDS Training dept and asking them when they will next have a DSC1 course in central Scotland. They usually have one once a year in or around Edinburgh.


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    I did mine in Bonnyrig and I`m sure they can still run courses there. Mines was a waste of money though, but we`ll not go into that !

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    Hiya, Been in touch with the BDS, and a course is set for early next year, also, been talking to Steve at Bushwear, their are courses being run early next year too..

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    Hi norrie , i would be interested in the BDS course aswell , what were the dates for next year mate ??

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    Norrie, BASC do them up at Trochry. In fact there's one next week I believe.

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    Hi Norrie, you could try or ask about their courses or anyone they know nearer to you. Don't forget that you can use on-line training sites such as mine form loads of free advice and guides as well as the interactive lessons. Good luck!

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    Hello Norrie, I would highly recommend sitting your level 1 with BASC at Trochry.
    Regarding the training courses, I would purchase one of the excellent DVDs which are produced by various companies. If you do your homework with this and also dial in a bit of experience and common sense, you should pass your level 1 without attending a training course. I did. Bear in mind two points, one is that you can pass your level 1 without ever having stalked or shot a deer and the other is that the part of level 1 that most people fail on is the shooting test so make sure you punch lots of holes in paper first.

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    Hi Steve, The reason we want to hopefully keep to Central Scotland is to keep the costs down...normally in the old days, i'd have happily trained at any of the centres anywhere in the UK..and booked a hotel....BUT, times have changed and the pocket aint so deep now... Thanks for the links, I'll have a wee look at them tonight...

    Hi Purdey, I've shot a few deer and foxes in my time, but feel it's now time to start to do the certificates...I did the same sort of thing when I had my sea angling boat...PBL2, vhf etc......I've done loads of zeroing..mainly using golf balls at 110 no probs ( hopefully) there... I've already got the Interactive DVD, but still got to see the manual yet.. I'm not too sure the distance learning option is the one for me tho, or my mate...

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    Speak to 6pointer as he puts on Level 1 courses now and again and he's on your doorstep

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