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Thread: Laser Cartridge Bore Sighter

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    Laser Cartridge Bore Sighter

    Whats your thoughts on these, are they any good. Looking for a .22LR and a .243. Can only find a .22LR which has a power lead so the bolt does not close fully. Has anyone used them?

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    I Have the red-i for .308 and it is great - never have heard of one for the .22lr though - would be interested if anyone could suggest where to get one?

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    Save your money Lucky - do a search of previous postings on the site. Bore sighting seems to work as well for most people.
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    dont bother they are cr*p ive had several over the years, best way is remove bolt clamp rifle nice and steady look down barrel at a point and adjust scope to said point, simples
    then sight at 50 yards then move to 100/150 etc etc

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    Yeh Bore sighting seems to be the way as I have done in the past but thought a gadget might help. Below s the 22LR i have seen but as you can see it looks like a home made attemp.

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    I use it for checking zero while out shooting not for setting the rifle/scope up in the first place. If it takes a knock or you have a worry about it you can use it to be certain that is is still bang on - quick and silent to use.

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    I bought two off dryan, .223 and .243/.308

    they get you on paper at 100yds which is what they are supposed to do.... The .223 one was better, got me to within 3" but the .243 only just got on the edge of A4 target.
    The batteries don't last long though (3x very small watch batteries)
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    bought one 2 weeks ago ebay 15 rubbish

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    I zeroed my Cz 452 in about 10 years ago half inch high at 50yds with eley extra hollow subs,still shoots in exactly the same place,if you go onto YouTube it shows you how to zero in 2 shots,haven't tried it yet but I will do when I change ammo in one of my cf rifles

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