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Thread: Simon Hart MP on "Winning over the man in the street"

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    Simon Hart MP on "Winning over the man in the street"

    Thought this may be of interest to those who have not seen it
    From the Countryside Alliance newsletter
    The Countryside Alliance's former Chief Executive, Simon Hart MP, wrote for Shooting Times on 17th October. His article, "Winning over the man in the street" is now online and will be of interest to everyone who supports shooting.
    In the article Simon asserts that the ecological argument for shooting may not "grip the casual observer" and goes on to outline how some research carried out by the Countryside Alliance during his tenure enlightened us as to how the man in the street feels about shooting.

    The article goes on to examine how the PR and marketing used in the hunting campaign might usefully be applied to shooting now, and concludes: "Country sports have always suffered from facing inwards and talking fluently to their own supporters in a language alien to everyone on the outside. We don't need to convince our supporters, so it is never too late to face the other way for a change."

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    interesting read and one people ought to take notice of in the shooting comunity instead of shying away from people and hiding the fact you hunt educate and stand up . it shows the antis know what they are doing by making noise to get what they want and i feel this is the way forward for us by sticking together and making noise to be heard. there are more programs on the tv now than ever putting a good spin and we need to keep this going ,the other thing for me is the pro stalkers out there doing small programs for fieldsports or pushing it forward for tv as well as the chefs, atb wayne
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    JH - many thanks for posting that - good deal of information to ponder.

    Thought through, very apt context for many, many posts that have appeared on SD.
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    Simon Hart Is my local MP
    I wrote to him regardsing the ongoing WHSmith issue.. He replied to me withing two hours and he has written to the chairman of smiths I will have to email him to see if he got a responce

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