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Thread: 133 Million Euro Millions Jackpot - What Would YOU Do?

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    133 Million Euro Millions Jackpot - What Would YOU Do?

    Ok, I managed to win a massive 3.60 on the Euromillions last night but now the overall jackpots predicted to be 133 million I was wondering what the rest of the SD members would do if they got the jackpot?

    Me-well, I'd either start farming and farm away until the money ran out! (removes tongue from cheek) or I'd love to buy a sizeable estate and us it as a starting place to re introduce Roe to Ireland (I know it was tried in the past but hey-with 100+million to play with, it might work!!)

    Looking forward to hear your ideas and no doubt a few funny remarks!

    Dave (aka FNF)

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    Scottish estate. Holiday lodge in British Columbia. Done.


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    It would be wasted on me, the wife says I don't know how to spend money. Now the wife and daughters could probably spend it in a week.

    My dream would be a little bungalow set in my own woods with a large pond or trout stream, with space for the dog to run around. Oh and I nearly forgot a Rolls Royce pick up truck.

    Thinking seriously though I would love to take all the guys that I have met on this site and my other shooting friends on a good driven boar hunt.
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    I'd buy Amhuinnsuidhe, I'd be bankrupt in about 10 years but it would be worth it.

    As for roe in Ireland, well as you will know only too well every second person in Ireland is a poacher and that is my take on why they didn't survive the first time as some of the ground seems well suited to them. I think the sika do well just because they are so sneaky but roe are a lot more predictable and appear to be a lot easier to stalk into than sika or even reds and I think that was their downfall in Ireland.

    It is also the case that many Irish people seem very focused on getting something before their neighbour gets it so management is a tricky thing as most will shoot every single living thing they see in case someone else might shoot it first. I'm always amazed when I travel from Ireland to quite densely populated areas in the south of England for example and they have wildlife in their fields. You can see hares and deer and so on from the motorway whereas the fields in Ireland are like a wildlife desert and anything that dares cross them is dead within minutes.

    Add in the fact that, certainly here in the north, every poacher is going to claim to be closely associated with a local "community representative" and so the police can't touch them and you can't stop them poaching or you'll get your knees drilled.

    I'd say there are better places to spend your cash than bringing roe to Ireland :-) You could always join me in Amhuinnsuidhe and throw away your money on something worthwhile, and that has a long tradition of bankrupting everyone who owns it.
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    Several thousand acres of land.


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    Leave the UK permanently taking the loot with me...

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    I d just pay to travel all over the world shooting whatever i liked id probably only spend the interest on that much cash

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    I Would buy a large house in British Columbia a house in Scotland and a house in Hampshire and then I would farm TREES

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    Quote Originally Posted by caorach View Post
    I'd buy Amhuinnsuidhe, I'd be bankrupt in about 10 years but it would be worth it
    I don't think you'd find somewere much better

    I'd buy a large hill farm up here in the highlands, a lot of forestry blocks - especially ones in areas with wind turbine potenial (I'll stop the ****ers), a few little houses around the world and maybe buy the girlfriend a bunch of flowers from the garage. After all she deserves something nice too.

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    A big yacht with a dozen scantily clad eastern european scuzzers on it to satisfy my every whim. The other 23hrs 59mins and 30 seconds a day I'm not sure what I'd do.
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