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Thread: Shouting at deer

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    Shouting at deer

    Forgive my ignorance, could someone offer the benefit of their experience.
    In my high seat on Friday, after 10 minutes saw a Roe buck 300 yards away at the other end of the wheat field.

    It slowly wandered up one hedge until it was 25 yards away. It was not stationary for very long at any time so I took a heart shot at 25 yards and it dropped after 3 yards.

    Had I shouted at it , "Oi," or something similar would it have stopped and looked for the noise source long enough for me to head shoot it or would it run.

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    i have often whistled at deer to get them to put brakes on. just to give me a window of opportunity.

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    Re: Shouting at deer

    Quote Originally Posted by jack

    Had I shouted at it , "Oi," or something similar would it have stopped and looked for the noise source long enough for me to head shoot it or would it run.
    you will never know the answer to that as you shot it before you tried
    keep shooting them in the chest mate untill , you hav a bit more experience , then you will be able to answer your own question,
    by then you also will of had a chance to observe more of the behaviour patterns of the deer you are shooting at and hopefully hav no mis-haps from rushing a head or neck shot,
    but i do recommend shouting OIII at them to stop them before taking a chest shot, could save you a whole heap of probs if you pull one while it is still walking

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    a simple 2 tone whistle works for me ! but i agree with stone get more experience first .


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    Re: Shouting at deer

    Quote Originally Posted by jack

    Had I shouted at it , "Oi," or something similar would it have stopped and looked for the noise source long enough for me to head shoot it or would it run.

    Also remember that at that distance your bullet would be about 1" - 1.5" LOW at 25 yds?

    Thats alot for a head shot and POI would not be the same as POA


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    A whistle or an oi works well on an unsuspecting deer.

    I often use a loud bark sound to stop a buck, this even works if you spook deer from cover as well.


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    I do not know what experience you have Jack but your post makes me wonder why you would apparently wish to head shoot this buck. Yes you could have shouted/ whistled or whatever whilst your buck was 100yds or so out but having not done so, in my opinion your shot choice and it's result were totally correct. Maybe not as satisfying in your mind as a longer shot but to me the ideal is to dispatch deer in a humane manner. Jack, you achieved this.

    I have been stalking for a good few years, have level 1 & 2. To be honest I have difficulty in coming to terms with the seemingly increasing number of stalkers who in my opinion are almost promoting the neck/head shot as the one that must be achieved.

    I know that all experienced stalkers will agree that the neck/head shot leaves the largest percentage chance of wounding an animal. So why has the likes of Jack (assuming he is inexperienced) thinking the way he is?

    Again if an inexperienced stalker does take on what maybe a very difficult shot and wounds the animal which then takes off, does he then posses the experience to know what to do under this situation.

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    Good advice, IMO, gents.

    I would strongly disaggree,however with the point that most experienced stalkers would say that a neckshot, under the correct circumstances, gives a much greater chance of wounding.

    I shot my first hind 23 years ago and have worked professionally with deer for nearly 20 years. I have not shot as many as some but would hope that I would be considered as 'experienced'. Length of service does not, of course neccessarily mean that you are doing it right!(I, too have done DSC levels I and II,etc). I would say, however , that I personally have the utmost respect for deer, stalking and deer management is my passion and I always set out to do my job to the best of my ability, as efficiently, and cleanly as possible.

    When stalking Red Deer myself, if the situation is suitable I will generally shoot in the neck. I have seen FAR fewer deer wounded with this kind of shot than an attempted chest shot. I am not maligning the chest shot at all, nor am I promoting the neck shot, but for me it works well. Roe are a different story in that the target area in the neck is obviously much smaller.

    I would never promote the neck shot as ''the one to take'' ESPECIALLY to the novice. Under the right circumstances, however I beleive it has its place. I know several very experienced professionals who think and do the same, born through experience, and not carelessness or a lack of respect for deer.

    Anyway, I better stop as we all know there is another thread running on this.....................................

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    just say "HAY YOU " the animal will stop and look in your direction as if to say

    WHO ME.

    never shout a whisper will do . keep her country .

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    Traveler, I would not disagree with you down to the fact that you, through experience, state "under the right circumstance". You also take into account the large difference between the neck size of a red and roe but I rest my case with Jack's post. What he did was in my opinion a correct option but he still thinks if he had shouted would it have given him enough time for a head shot. A deer startled by a sudden noise like a shout will stop to look but it is also in a split second ready to run. Not in my opinion the right circumstance to go for a head shot. So what makes Jack (sorry to use you like this Jack) think that he should have perhaps gone for a head shot.

    In my opinion his thinking is based on belief that the neck/head shot is the "one to achieve".

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