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Thread: How do you move your deer?

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    How do you move your deer?

    Just wondering if anyone has any great ideas for moving deer after you shoot them or is a wheelbarrow still a good idea?

    just interested to see how others do it.

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    Suppose it depends if its a Munty or a Red Stag? Roe - if I've remembered my roe sack that, if not, a drag wire.
    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    I brought a Jet Sledge, you can find them on E-bay. If you are shooting Sika a large one will be easily big enough for stags. They are very slippery and pull easily; mind you I have used a wheel barrow before.



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    Once when I was up in Scotland and only had a 2x4 van in the snow I could get to the forest to stalk but not get the van up one final slope to get to the main forest track. I borrowed a wheel barrow and used it for a week. I would stalk for a day or so and extract the deer (roe) to the roadside then do an expedition with the barrow to get them back to the van, I had seven or eight strapped onto it at one stage. Worked well. Glyn

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    I cut them into pieces and take them out in sections if they are bigger than a sika or fallow. Leave the torso bones and shanks behind.

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    Carry out or drag to a location I can get a quad to or winch into the back of the pick up

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    One of the 5 kids sledges will be my next purchase. Seen them in action and they work!

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    Carry out all our fallow, but we only have fallow around us, we have been dragging the red hinds we shot this weekend in scotland.
    atb matt

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