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Thread: Parker Hale scope mounting

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    Parker Hale scope mounting

    What mounts are people using on Parker Hale Rifles?

    Mine came with mounts but they are too low, so im using some Hawke weaver style ones at present, would like some better ones though?

    Someone suggested Apel are they any good?

    The scope being Mounted is a brand new Bushnell Buckhorn, 3-9x40 but the rifle has a high bolt throw.


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    my mounts and rings are leupold two piece with medium rings , atb wayne
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    Will they fit 19-20mm dovetails?

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    which parker hale?

    I personally think bolting dovetails to a rifle to facilitate bolting something else to it is a cop out and poor design solution

    I also use Leupold 2 piece but would choose the double dovetail over the windage design (which is asking for trouble IMO).
    you can mix and match up to super high which would support the Hubble telescope
    mine are medium with a 44mm which is fine and clears the foresight nicely

    If there was a one piece bolt on design out there I would look at it

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    I have a Safari Deluxe,

    I need to have a little look at leupold

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    heres what they look like, atb wayne
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    The idea of integeral scope mounting built into the action was used but the mass market, namely America, didn't like it so it was dropped in favour of bolt/screw on bases.

    The Parker-Hales being a Mauser 98 action in most cases has a really wide selection of bases and mounts to choose from only really limited by you budget.

    I have a set of Apel Roll Off mounts fitted to my p-H 1100 Lwt. One the 1200C it came with Leupold Std mount on a one piece base what some one referred to as the Windage adjustable type. In fact they are of Redfield Junior design . The 1100M has Weaver bases and mounts fitted and the 1200 Super in 7.92mm has Leupold Q/R level operated mounts fitted, the rest have Parker-Hale bases and mounts.

    Personally I do not like the Weaver ones and not really enamoured with the Std Leupold mounts. The lever ones work well.

    The problems really start when one tries to fit hubble sized optics with 30mm and plus tubes. I have found that staying with traditional normal objective sizes and with 1", 26mm and even 30 mm tubes simplify scope fitting:-

    That is a 30mm tubed Tasco Titan 3-9x42 in p-H mounts.

    This is a P-H 1000 in .243 fitted with an 8x56 1" tubed scope in P-H RAHS.3 rings on std P-H bases.

    It fits with clearance as you can see, no it's not one of mine , just shows that scope fitting is not really the problem some think on these old rifles. The RAHS.3 rings are getting harder to find now of course but are only really required with objectives larger that 45mm.

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    I have a ph 1200 with an Edgar brothers optimate 8x56 on it with the following mounts.

    Check out this item I found on eBay:

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    Sorry but they have just got to be the most horrible mounts ever made............................ I really hate them .

    Of course that's just my opinion .

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    Brit. I am governed simply by price and function!

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