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    I was wondering how many stalkers have bad knees and how they cope? I am into hospital on Thursday for another knee op - I know it's not life threatening and there are lots of people out there worse off but it's funny how the little things can affect you so much much when they go wrong. I can swim and gym fine, cycle for 30-40 miles ok, but walking the dogs....after 10 mins I'm fecked! Needless to say beating and stalking is currently on hold!

    Albeit that the original cause of the problem was bloody rugby! Watching the games today I wonder how many of the players will be once there playing days are over ( did anyone see Argentinas Contemponi ruin his knee today against Wales - felt physically sick watching that)!

    Does anyone stalk with a replacement knee, if so how goes it.

    As for rugby, Argentina were good today (Wales not so), South Africa brutal as ever, England looked good too, but I have to say that the highlight is going to be the All Blacks tomorrow. As a Scot I should probably not watch but given how good the current flock of All Blacks are it'll still be a joy to watch. I read today that some former All Blacks reckon this team is as good as the 87 lot.....personally I think the 1996 team that won the series in South Africa is top of the tree. Here's hoping we put up a decent fight!

    New knees or no knees, I'll still be wrong with the wife!!!!


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    My stalking buddy has had both knees done and ops on his feet ,he just stalks slower ....walk a little look a lot .he also had carpel tunnel ops on his hands .it don't stop him pulling the trigger .
    Take your time and mentor a younger stronger newbie stalker who can do the donkey work with any carcasses and learn from you

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    i have had two knee ops now it does get to me stalking but i need to keep dry if i get it wet or cold for a long period im done . new zealand for 16 days went well till about 4 days till the end and i slipped in the dark setting off on a hunt and landed on a rock . i carried on but held everyone up that day i really struggled it was awfull and it took about two months to get sorted after. I will need a new knee but really need to keep going as long as possible as i think i am right in saying you only get one.
    if im in scotland on any hard going a knee brase for me is a must to keep everything in line as i only need to twist wrong and it takes ages to get back but it wont beat me heat packs work well as for me its cold damp thats the killer, atb and good luck
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    Had a day on the pheasants, duck today very good day now suffering with pains & aches in my knees, got a job to walk now, in next month for surgery hope it works , all fieldsports a struggle with knackered knees. Steve

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    2 knee ops from cocking it up in MMA and I just walk slower and use a red head torch when I'm on new ground or its really dark and just take things slow at night.

    If its a long day ill take ibuprofen gel with me to rub on it and a knee support and always make sure I'm wearing warm and water proof trousers

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    As you said cube I have had double ops on both knees from playing rugger, the right ones paying up again as I hyper flexed it a couple of months ago dragging a Roe buck across a fence. Now I use a knee brace and plenty of pain killers, got to make an appointment with the quack to get it sorted. Just have to stalk a lot slower now and mind where I put my feet!

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    Dragging deer, rugby, restocks and a couple of torn ligaments and a hip and knee dislocation!

    Just think a bit more before attacking something, less brawn, more brains!!!

    Biggest problem now, is keeping the weight off! Sitting at a PC all day!

    Getting back to rugby, looking forward to Murrayfield tomorrow, looking at the starting 15, certainly no mercy being shown by the kiwis.
    will be good, traveling down with 40 kids 20 senior pupils, 20 first years many of whom it'll be ther first time at mf. All good fun

    God knows what these pro rugby guys will be like when they reach 50? Gone are the days of doing the milking before playing for your country.

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    i do enjoy watching the celtic boys play ireland wales seem to have so much heart in there game but england did look strong yesterday
    play simple sometimes boring rugby but it get results.

    wish the scots well but some chalenge today against the all blacks

    speedy recovery pal
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    I had 4 arthroscopies between the age of 23 and 25...again rugby

    not weighing more than you have to is obviously the key in later life but so is muscle. but at 6'4" staying to 10 stone is not really an option!

    I was a lazy patient and lost a lot of muscle mass post ops
    The bulk of your knew relies on stability from you quad and hams supporting the capsule, especially important with reconstructions

    don't skimp on post op physio more if you can.
    you will pay for it otherwise

    I find going down hill for long periods harder than going up as a result.

    doesn't stop me stalking though

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    high seat bod. saves the knees on rough ground.

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