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    argh bol####s

    Well what was expected to be a good night lamping has been cut short tonight and why.....I've lost my bloody squeak, I didn't put any calls in the truck and just expected to use old faithful i.e. the back of my hand.
    My lamp man has been crying with laughter at the pathetic attempts to call in a Charlie, I don't know what the hell has happened but its gone. Just like the red bugger who sat 400 yards off trying to work out what the strange noises were coming from the Orange light.


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    Haha! I keep some polystyrene in the car at all times to rub against a wet window - for the days I want to keep my hands in my gloves!

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    A sitter @ 400 would not survive my mates skillset!,......... seriously though, nothing worse than finding you left something you need at home, or in the buggy when on walkabout.
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    See what being spoiled does to you? Spent half a night snogging the back of your own hand! Lol.

    If all else fails the polystyrene tricks a good one.
    Yes I should have taken the Blue Pill!

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    .....we have all forgotten stuff! ....I got a phone call today to say that I had left my Primos Trigger stick last night I had forgot to put it back in the car after rabbiting
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