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    The wife (that's santa for any young members) has asked what im after for christmas and I fancy a food smoker so I can flavour my venison and salmon.

    Can anyone recommend a decent one that will cost under 150 as I think were limiting spending this year.

    I'm not after a stove top one, I want one I can put a number of items in or a whole fish.



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    I made one from 2 45 gallon oil drums...first one I cut at 1/3 hight as a fire box and connected this via a 4 foot metal tube to the bottom of the other one (which is the smoker) ontop of this I put a lid and 10ft drainpipe as a chimney....drill some holes in the side of it to hold metal bars to place racks on and smoker you can have.....took me less than an hour to make. Not pretty but works well.

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    I reckon if you want one that large to build one. It's not all that difficult and your 150 quid budget will be more than enough to get the items required. Plus it wil give you something to do on Boxing day.

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    I built a smoker from a drum that works really good. Saw it on a forum and it was easy to build and even easier to use.

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    I have the ProQ Amigo. Not huge but can smoke some decent amounts of meat or fish and if you get the cold smoker kit as well you've got all bases covered.
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    my son made his out of a beer keg he found washed up on the beach

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