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Thread: tikka t3 stock

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    tikka t3 stock

    hi lads i,m wondering if u can help me here i,m looking into changeing my stock on my new 270 tikka t3 and i spotted a howa axom stock for a remington 700 long action would this fit the tikka
    thanks lads

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    Howa and T3 are totally different inlets.
    On a wooden or composite stock you might have a chance to convert but not sure on the axiom.
    Either way it's quite some work to change an inlet.

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    There are several replacements available, Laminate and Composite

    The Howa stock you suggest is deigned for a Remington and WILL NOT fit.

    I suggest you look at the following:

    PSE Composites - our own Eddie on here and very well made IMHO

    Robertson now no longer trading, but some left at Jackson rifles.

    Manners - US made and very good

    Mcmillan - US made and good

    Joe West Laminate Stocks - UK based, excellent laminates

    GRS Laminate Stocks - Norway based, sold through Jackson Rifles

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    thanks for takeing the time to reply lads .thats a bummer but thats life ain,t it not to worry looks like i,ll be makeing myself a stock soon . i also make stocks but mainly for air rifle,s but i have done some for rimfie,s so not time like the presant to make myslef a stock is there . thanks again lads

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    light or varmint profile ?

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    looks like i,ll go for something like i have on my 223 rugar that i done light and profiled

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