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Thread: BNP pamphlets

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    BNP pamphlets

    Saw a very strange thing tonight when i took my dogs for a walk up on the forestry tracks at Kershope forest. we parked at cuddy Hall car park (In middle of nowere )and walked about 1mile in on 1 of the forestry roads and at a cross road there was a clear plastic bag drawing pinned to a marker post and it was full of BNP pamphlets about the June 4th euro elections ? .why post them there ????
    They must be after the Green vote ????

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    lol how strange i had 1 monday nite i was lamping left the car at the gate of a drive on 1 of my permissons in the middle of no where thort that odd but urs beats mine im in a good mind to vote lol effert there going to

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