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    got my .270 on saturday ,, Had to wait a long time .... Was as excited as a dog with three dicks when i opened my post box..
    Need to get it zeroed ....any tips...

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    Make sure the thin end is pointing away from you
    How you doing ? Hope all is well, good luck with the new rifle.
    Hope to see you soon,

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    i would suggest a trip to specsavers

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    your 270 is a excellent cal ,its flat shooting, hard hitting , extremely accurate .
    you will get ammo any where in the world for it.

    iv see lads turn up with 7-08s ,6.5x284s, etc .the 270 might not be as fashionable as but with a 130gr ballistic tip it will do all you will want, with out fuss.

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    Thanks for the reply there lads......
    I hope all is well with you Mr F .... as for The Scudd , You and I both know who needs the glasses (buck)
    Cheers irishgun.. for the confidence boost.....she should do the biss..

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    Hi there, just returned from Africa with my 270, 3 wilderbeasts, 3 warthogs, 1 gold medal blesbuck, 1 impala, all taken from 100 to 220 yards[ 2 of the wilderbeasts], all 1 shot kills with Barnes 150gn TSKs. You will get ammo anywhere, its non miliatry cal, so can go anywhere, with the right bullets mine has never let me done, very flat shooting, easy to load for. I have a 7 x 57 and a 243, but my Mannlicher M professional is my workhorse which I take about 100 various deer a year. You wont need another rifle for any deer stalking in the U.K. enjoy deerwarden

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    Re the Zeroing - Set the rifle up on sand bags, bipod whatever. Set your target up at 33m. Bore sight the rifle as best you can. Now fire one round at the target. Adjust for impact remembering to x3 the adjustments. Fire one more shot and adjust again if necessary so you are spot on or even slight low at 33m. Now move the target out to 100m and fire a three shot group. You should be pretty close. Adjust again for perfect zero.

    If you use this method carefully, you can zero using five rounds only.

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    Great tip claret_Dabbler ..
    I have used nearly 25 rounds already on the range and still need to fine tune...........
    I think i will go back to the beggining again and do what you said...
    Many thanks: McStalk

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    Just done a bit of learning work with mine up North, It would be lethal on deer out to 500yds with 130gn soft points, if the terminal ballistics are as good as the drop tables were!

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    Re: .270

    Quote Originally Posted by steven latham
    It would be lethal on deer out to 500yds with 130gn soft points, if the terminal ballistics are as good as the drop tables were!
    They are as good as they say out to 460yrds I know that.

    Best rgds


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