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Thread: A gift from one of our beaters

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    A gift from one of our beaters

    Spent yesterday beating on our family farm shoot, as I do every Saturday in the season and found a nice little 3 point Roe buck antler that had been recently cast. It's the first I've ever found so was quite pleased. One of the other beaters, a housing surveyor by day, makes sticks for a hobby and offered to suitably mount it for me.

    Of course I accepted, but to my surprise I had a knock at the door this afternoon and he'd finished it, below is the result. Really happy with it and although I probably won't use it much for its intended purpose its nice to have for posterity!

    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    Nice one, you wont want to do to much beating with that one.

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