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Thread: hornady 75grain v-max

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    hornady 75grain v-max

    Hi Guys,

    I bought some 75 grain v-max bullets to try in my 243,
    whilst loading up a batch last night, the plastic tips kept pulling out in the bullet seating die. (lee dies). I loaded 10 rounds and 7 of the 10 bullets did this and i kept having to strip down the die to recover the tips.

    Has any one else had this problem? do you think i should take the bullets back? or could it be something in my die thats causing the problem? i normally use nosler 70 grain bt's and had no problems.

    Any idears

    Regards Pete

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    Is there something stuck in your bullet seating stem?I used to reload lubricated cast bullets and every now and again they would get pulled out of the case because of the gunk build up.Try a tiny bit of wd40,they might not get stuck.

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    I have loaded hundreds of those with my RCBS dies and had NO problems.


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