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Thread: Heavy barrel

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    Heavy barrel

    Am about to embark on buying a new/used rifle and have found one I like (have not been to see as it is 3 hrs away) it has a heavy fluted barrel, i want this as an all round rifle, some high seat work, some lamping, some woodland stalking and some hill stalking. I am not averse to caring a little extra weight as I have two rifles that are normal and i never even think about weight (not sure how much weight a heavy barrel adds?) really want to know does anyone use one? and does the extra weight make any difference to them?

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    What calibre is it? I would say in the majority of cases, the need for a heavy barrel isnt justified for stalking. The only thing a heavy barrel helps with IMHO is to reduce recoil (if its a particularly nasty calibre) and also takes longer to heat up, therefore if your putting down lots of shots in a short space, the shots are less likely to start wandering... Oh, and helping to burn calories after humping it around all day!

    If its a dedicated rifle for highseat, lamping or targets then it makes no odds really and a heavy barrel has its advantages.

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    I had a varmint barrel on my Sako 75 for a while. The extra weight was a double edged sword. It was fine for low ground roe stalking, but hard work going up a hill. Could I suggest you weigh your current rifles and ask the seller of the rifle you fancy for a like for like weight? That should give you some idea of how much extra weight you are getting into.

    Good luck. JCS

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    My .243 is fitted with a sporter barrel, my .204 has a Varmit barrel fitted and I would never want to carry that thing far at all, I'm a big lad (not fat) so I would say steer clear if you want a rifle for hill stalking or any form of shooting where you will carry it a lot, JMHO


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    I only have heavy barrel rifles,defo harder to carry for hours but I wouldn't change for 22lr is hb too

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    bit more info would help,you dont say what make/model or what you intend for its use but it is a personal thing some like the look a H/B gives the gun some prefer the sporter weight Barrel,,,,its a bit like the looks of the CB750 Honda of 72 to the looks of the BSA Rocket Three the CB was a niece looking bike but the Beezer was lighter if you get where i am coming from personal choice you pays your money you takes chance.

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    If the barrel is fluted that will have reduced its original weight.
    Get it weighed by the current owner.


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    i have a remmington varmin barrel .to bloody heavy, to front heavy with a t8 on ,and to long .So just had 7in off and re screw cut i think it,s going to be a lot better. my mate said to buy this and i cursed the day i did

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    It's entirely personal opinion and the setup as a whole. All my rifles are heavy barrelled cut down to 20". I wouldn't thank someone for a lightweight barrel and likewise they may not thank me for my heavy barrels - personal opinion, I simply shoot much better with a heavy barrel and don't mind the weight. Doesn't help you much, but that said nobody can tell you whether you shoot better with either, or whether you will be able to comfortably deal with the extra weight. Just go and try either as much as possible I guess.

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    I am a heavy barrel man myself! I have only owned one sporter weight rifle that shot well! I'm sure there will be many disagree but I personally can out up with the extra weight even when I'm stalking cause I'm do much more confident in the rifles I own all varmint barrels. The only thing you can fo that can help is perhaps go down the short barrel route I have one at 22'' which I know is not that short, but it certainly helps as apposed to my other which is 26'' rifle that is my truck gun! Like someone said to me once you don't see target shooters with sporter barrels but they don't have tp carry them anywhere! I don't think there's a right or wrong here really personal choice!

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