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Thread: Quick Release Sako mounts

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    Quick Release Sako mounts

    Hi Guys. I am thinking of buying a sako rifle, which according to the details given has integral dovetail mounts. From memory I think Sako dovetails are tapered or something meaning only Sako mounts fit. Along with the new rifle I am looking at a Zeiss Duralyt 1.2-5x32 as a nice light small scope to be used in woodland stalking or driven hunting. My plan is to be able to mount this scope on the sako as well as my sauer. I realize there will be a shift in POI but can accommodate this.
    My question is could I fit a weaver type base with sako dovetails to the sauer could I then have sako QD mounts on the scope so it will either go straight on the sako or onto the sauer/weaver mounts.
    Any one who has a sako may be able to give me some idea. The model I am looking at is a Blackbear but I think all sako mounts are the same.
    Info on where to buy and likely cost would be great. I've looked at the usual places but none have specified sako mounts.

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    IMO one of the best designed QR mount systems out there
    I use a custom base on a multi barrelled rifle with no loss of zero.

    No windage varaible as opposed to swing off mounts

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