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Thread: Leupold VX-R

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    Leupold VX-R

    Have any of you lads used a Leupold VX-R?

    Thinking of buying a 1.25-4x25 for wild boar. My folks are out in Texas just now on holiday, and I could get my old man to bring one home, saving all manner of "inconveniences".

    Any thoughts?

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    Great scopes, I currently have 2 2-7x33 and 4-12x50, really rate them, excellent value for money. The 2-7x33 is for sale..... PM me if you are interested..

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    try one before you buy
    some people love them some people hate tem

    they can have a tricky eye relief compared to some other brands making sight picture pick up an issue

    I personally like them

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    Ive the 3-9x50 and love it.. But Im a leupold fan, I couldnt afford a VX-L just now so I bought a VX-R and Im happy I did.


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    Aye they are great. I bout the vx2 version so that I had the lifetime warranty. I have a 3-9x50 on my .308 and a 4-12x50 on the 22/250. Great glass for the money cheers Hootsman
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    I have one my .444, lovely scope for the price. The fire dot works really well and you can adjust the brightness as needed depending on conditions. If you are near London anytime soon you are welcome to have a look and see what you think.

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