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    hi all

    sorry not at all stalking related. i work for a pest control company. we are looking to broaden our horizons and the boos the other day asked would i consider working a hawk for the company. clearing pigeons and seagulls from stadiums etc.

    this is something i have always wanted to do from a very young boy but it is not something to be taken lightly. is there any of you who work hawks and falcons for pest control "solutions" in this way. if so any advice would be gratefully received.

    please understand i am at the very beginning of this and no decision has been made. i am not yet convinced the boss will acept the amount of time needed to look after / train the bird/birds but if i can go in with as much knowledge as possible then hopefully no wrong decisions will be made for the sake of the birds etc

    regards pete

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    contact Nelson on here. He is one of the most knowledgable I know of regarding birds of prey and does what you describe for a living. In between hunting with goshawks, peregrines and golden eagles.

    he breeds them as well, including the eagles!

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    This is something I considered doing over twenty years ago as I was a landfill foreman I actually set one of my hawking mates up in buisness and he is still doing it for a living .flying hawks /falcons as you already know is a very time consuming thing I can't even call it a hobby as it most certainly is not ! Flying birds be it any of the various genus cannot be learnt properly from a cd rom or even a course like dsc1 anyone that says otherwise is very much misinformed it takes many years to master the art and a course is just a taster of that .
    whilst hunting hawks / falcons is extremely rewarding flying over landfill sites and factory units Ect in all weather upto 6/7 days a week becomes very tedious and my mate has a whole set of birds he uses just for the avian control .this is to cover situations of his birds moulting being injured or temporary loss .if after you have considered how flying hawks/falcons will change your life you still hanker to do it then by all means start by becoming an apprentice falconer the first step !
    It is totally absorbing but very fulfilling can be disastrous as it broke up a long relationship I had back then but I wish you well in your quest
    kindest regards

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    Hi there this is not to be taken lightly. I don't know what your job already involves but if you go down this route you are going to be doing a lot more hours. The right birds of prey need to be used to get rid of the pests that you have been asked to get rid of. Ie sea gulls you need a peregrine, I know this because I have done it. Harris hawks have there place aswell in different situations. I found it fun for a while but then found that it took the fun out of the sport that I enjoyed so much. If it's as a job and you feel that you have the time within your job and don't mind extra work then do it you will have a lot of fun I am sure. However if you don't feel you have the extra time leave this one as a pastime/hobbie you will enjoy it a lot more.

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    thank you for your replies. i had always thought that i would only have time for falconry when i retired and the more i hear from people like yourselves and read up i think it maybe when i retire that i might get my chance. the only way for me to do this is part of my job seems to be that i would make it my whole job which i cant see my boss going for unfortuneatly. the surveyor from work and myself hope to meet up with a local falconer to have a chat also. thank you for your replies and i will keep you posted

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    Hi you should check out its a good sport to get in to but it takes a lot of time. And its not cheap

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    Quote Originally Posted by a.graham View Post
    Hi you should check out its a good sport to get in to but it takes a lot of time. And its not cheap
    sorry but this is the worst advice possible, the IFF IS A CESSPIT OF A PLACE and should be closed down immediately , , just last weekend there was a guy bragging about killing a buzzard with his falcon
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    Yes you see some bad stuff on there but there is also good like any forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by a.graham View Post
    Hi you should check out its a good sport to get in to but it takes a lot of time. And its not cheap
    Falconry has got to be the one thing you don't want being cheap it stops the dross of life getting hold of birds as macho status symbols ,unfortunately it is far far cheaper than when I had my first bird a parent reared male Harris 750 back in the early 90's . I did 12 months under the supervision of the then editor of the falconers mag and he did everything he could to make sure I knew the commitment required to train a bird to hunt not just fly from post to fist ,best days of my life but totally addictive you can't shut a bird in the cupboard till you fancy going out again

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