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Thread: Booking Air flights to East London

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    Booking Air flights to East London

    I'm returning to S, Africa again in June, flights with Virgin are very high, any tips to get lower cost flights etc, one stop over, flying from LHR to East London, SAA are firearms friendly and flown with them B4, deerwarden

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    Air France aren't too bad, check them out.
    Heading out there in June myself, upto the wild coast.. Where you heading?

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    Wild horizons, me thinks

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    Doing this trip myself in the next 18 months. Air France have a bad reputation for the way they handle fire arms. I have heard some real horror stories with some gun cases being run over with trucks!
    SAA are abit dear but are good. KLM seem to have a very good rep and last time i looked were quating 800 return.
    Have a great trip. Who are you hunting with in East London?

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    Going myself in April if you can go mid week Virgin ain't to bad also got SAA to port elizabeth 140

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    Yep going back to Guy Schwartz from I'll be going to Bloemfontein on his concession there, 400k from east London, just had confirmed my Blesbuck went good and is in the SCI record book, over 49" one of 14, I took as well as doing a McNab, the gold medal was the buck in the Mcnab. I cannot recommend Guy highly enough, I was one of 8 people ripped off by a taxidermist in 2010, I lost 990, Guy has seen and advised me on the stunning mounts I have coming back, now I pay as he is satisfied. He really ticks all the boxes, hence my return. Wild Horizon was recommended by others off the site, so this directory really does work well for feeding back to others good service from traders, very glad i joined. deerwarden

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    Deerwarden, well done with the blesbuck!
    couldnt agree more with you, me and my bro (tommo42) went out their with guy and clint last year, had an amazing and very successful time, so much so that we're heading out there again in June next year, can't wait!
    We just got our taxidermy back actually and were really impressed.
    Have a great time mate, might just cross paths with you,

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    Hi, he spoke to me about you guys, your doing some fishing as well this time, he can arrange whatever you want to do, off shore game fishing, fishing for yellow fish from the local river, go for the Mcnab, hard work but something differant for sure, be good to meet up out there if possible. deerwarden.

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    Yeah thats right,we're hoping to get some good fishing out there too, sharks and hopefully some yellow fish too! So what does a South African McNab entail then? Sounds like we might be treading the same ground around the same time so yeah if you get the chance we can all grab a few beers and a rod and have a crack.

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    At Bloemfontein, I took a guinea fowl, then a blesbuck, then a yellowfish on the fly all in one day from sunrise to sunset. Had a chance at francolen as well, but the bird was the hardest by far, they drop from the tops of bushes etc straight down then rocket away, or bomb burst every way away, very challenging, fishing as well was hard, did all three on the third day of trying!!! if you look on look at the bottom of practical information, you'll see me and my fish, then others of me elsewhere with good trophies as well, I have just paid for 6 exceptional heads to come back. Guy speaks very highly of you guys and has a good clientele list, Clint is a hunting machine and every day was enjoyable, informative, and exceptional. Having been three times B4 elsewhere I will definitely go back, just looking at flight costs. deerwarden.

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