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    I am intrested to know what you gents think of the CZ550 in say 6.5x55 , 308 and 9.3x62 .

    I have a good deal of experience with 550's in 375 H&H MAG , 416 Rigby and 5050 Gibbs as well as a couple 527's in 22 Hornet and 223 . But as of yet I've not messed with shall we say a "normal" cartridge 550 !

    I still think a 550FS in 6.5x55 would be very intresting .

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    I have 2 550,s one in the American style 30-06 and a de lux in 243 both are excellent rifles never let me down and very accurate. The build quality is very good and the wood on the 243 is so well figured you might find it on rifle of 3 times the price.

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    I have a CZ550 full stock in 9.3x62 and it is great. As well as looking the part it has performed 100% is more accurate that I am. After a couple of hundred rounds it has 'settled in' and really does the job on boar.

    I have a CZ527 ebony edition in 223 as well as a CZ452 full stock in .22LR and they also punch above their weight in both value and performance.

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    I have one in 9.3 x 62 used it in Africa 2011 for plains game. 7 animals 7 shots, would recommend it to anyone

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    Well I've now gotten over the idea of a CZ550 . Now my mind is thinking Savage 110 Predator Hunter in 6.5x284 .

    The 3 million dollar question is if "I" will be satisfied with a Savage actioned gun over a Remington 700 or one of it's derivatives .

    I tend to think no , but then I have a Savage ML and two Savage bolt action sluggers I like plenty well .

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    If you like butt ugly go with the savage. However they do seem to shoot!

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