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Thread: Strange laws

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    Strange laws

    Is this true?
    Dear Mr Ross,

    Our system cancelled your order as it has correctly highlighted the bullet heads below as expanding ammunition and as such this needs to be collected or purchased face to face on production of your FAC. Our 'Ordering Information' page explains this, I have copied it below:


    We cannot post expanding bullet heads i.e. polymer tipped (with the exception of Hornady A-Max) or soft nosed, direct to the customer. It is a legal requirement that all such ammunition be purchased face to face with a Registered Firearms Dealer (RFD) who will need to check your firearms certificate to ensure that you have a variation that entitles you to these items. All other bullets i.e. full metal Jacket, lead cast, or any bullets with match, target or competition in their title can be shipped direct to you the customer.

    If wish to purchase expanding bullet heads we will need you to provide us with your local RFD details and we will need to confirm that they will accept these on your behalf. If the RFD has an account with us we can ship to them, if not we will require them to fax their RFD certificate (we can do this on your behalf if you can supply us with their contact details). Once this is done you can place the order with their address as an ‘alternative delivery address’ when you place the order. Once this arrangement is in place all future orders from MidwayUK that require validation of your firearms certificate can be shipped to your local RFD. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact customer service at: or by telephone on: 0845 22 66 055.

    As we do not retain your card details on our system for security, we cannot amend the order. The order has been cancelled and your card refunded. You may place the order again minus the expanding ammunition or contact us to arrange delivery to your local RFD prior to placing the order again. Many apologies for this inconvenience, however we must strictly adhere to firearms legislation.
    Was hoping to pick up th 2 boxes of Woodleigh .303 174grn PP bullets when
    I come over in a few weeks. They were going to be sent to my brother.
    Oh well I'll just have to buy them here and pay 50% more.

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    Q can someone here not add them to their ticket?

    303 and 7mm wasnt it?

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    Not a clue, mate. Not bothered now really as have ordered some over here.
    Was just a little penny pinching exercise on my part. But it does seem strange that expanding bullets 'need to be controlled' in this manner.

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    Sad but true.

    Had they been FMJ then no problems.

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    They shouldn't call them 'bullet heads' either.

    It's wrong and silly.

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