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Thread: long eye relief scope

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    long eye relief scope

    anyone experienced with which top end scopes have the longest eye relief?

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    Nickel make an extended eye relief scope for large Magnums - Nickel AG: Nickel Magnum 1.5-6x30 EDS - 4.9" according to the stats - but expensive. I have a very much older version nd optically its wonderful, given the limitations of 20mm objective lense. The Leupold's particularly the straight tube ones have long eye relief as well, and certainly if you look at all the piccies of hunters in Africa with their big game rifles Leupolds seem to be mounted on the vast majority - they must be doing something correct, as if you can afford big game hunting you can afford good kit. nad most American custom rifles seem to be fitted with Leupold Golden Ring scopes of one sort or another. If you look at their VX-6 1-6x24 thats got 95mm, compared to the S&B equivalent which is just under 90mm.

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    Thanks for the info, that's very useful..yes, I have experienced S&B's up close to my face a few times (and have the scars to show for it too) when taking fast shots with large caliber rifles..LOL..I'm sure we all do, but I 'would' like one with a bit more eye relief, perhaps in the 1.5-6X44 class, will have a look at leupolds offerings. Budget doesn't extend to much more I'm afraid.

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    I have a Swarovski 1-6x24 EE (extended eye relief) on my .45-70 so I could mount it forward of the rear ghost ring. On low mag the eye relief is plenty, though I have to crane forward a bit on 6x. Eye relief is 120mm.

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    Edit: oh, just seen the budget...
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    pkl have a look at sightron scopes these have good eye relief lifetime warrenty ,i am just waiting to be paid to purchase one for my win mag but they have great reviews, atb wayne
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    IMO Leupolds can have very short eye relief
    I have had V1 through Vx3 in variable forms

    you tend to get longer eye relief on fixed mag scopes

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    sightron s111 4in at 24 mag more at 6x 4.5 in use one on my 7mm rem mag never got close to being hit up hill or down hill good purchase get one

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    swarovski z6i has long eye relief.. certainlt much more than my PMII or leupo that i had previously.. whilst i don't know what the specs say, in my opinion, the relief was better with 1st gen than with my current 2nd gen Z6i 2.5-15x56, have had both

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    Have a look at Nightforce NSX, expensive but made for heavy calibers. i have used one for two years and appart from having to mount the scope as foward as possible is by far the best I have tried.

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    The Zeiss conquest 3-9x40 has 4'' of eye relief. ( The other models slightly less) Great scope if you have a way of getting one from the states and superior to Leupold.

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