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Thread: Reloading Gear - top end

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    Reloading Gear - top end

    Ok guys... you probably realise by now I like to change things round (a lot!) so, here's my latest offering...

    I have had a complete re-think on my reloading requirements mainly due to lack of space and lack of cash (Christmas is coming!) seriously though, I have thousands invested in my reloading gear and since I sold my target rifle I have realised that I just don't need the level of gear I have... I will in all honesty make 1-200 rounds a year, all now in the same calibre and I need those for hunting.. at the moment I am geared up with the facilities to process 500-1,000 an hour (if I wanted to) and to the kinds of accuracy I simply don't need and accross multiple calibres... so, with this in mind.. I'm going old skool.. powder thrower, hand trickler, compact single stage press and that is it... that should occupy about 1 shelf in the cupboard and fund the festive season to boot!

    To business...... Please note (and anyone who has bought gear off me will, I'm sure agree) this kit is all as new... If it has been used more than a couple of times it has been treated like a new born baby (minus the slap) with books and accessories as they came to me (and in some cases with extras bought by me)...

    1. RCBS Chargemaster 1500 Combo. As new, approx 1 year old, complete with cover (bought in from states... the cover, not the scale) all boxed etc.. has weighed less than 500 loads. 250 + 10 P&P SOLD PENDING PAYMENT

    2. Giraud Power Trimmer set up for .308 win and with spare cutting head for 6.5x55se. This cost me around 650 by the time I'd paid taxes & shipping... amazing kit, truly amazing and a beautiful piece of engineering... has trimmed approx 20 (yes.. twenty!) cases since it arrived 6 months ago! see yours for 400 + 20 P&P (heavy!) this is a rare item in the UK, it is also the proper 230v 50hz model and was custom made to order for me.

    3. The big one! Dillon XL650 progressive press complete with the following: 2 x Toolheads, Machine Mount, Dillon Machine Cover, Calibre conversion kits for .308 (currently installed,) 6.5x55se & 9mm, spare large primer pick up tube, 9mm dies (will be keeping my Forster rifle dies to use with the single stage but it will take any standard die) PLUS..... The ELECTRIC AUTO CASE FEEDER which comes in at over 250 on it's own!!! the whole lot cost me over 1,100... yours for 700 complete... Plus 20 shipping... This is an item that would be best collected as it is quite big but if necessary I will partially dismantle it and ship.. The press arrived and I built it..... other than that, nothing... It has not been used other than to set the dies up.. so..... brand spanking... the case feeder comes with large rifle and small pistol plates... this would be perfect for avid gallery rifle shooters or those wishing to pump out high volumes of rifle rounds. It will still produce the same accurate, precision results as a single stage but with much less faff and much more speed!

    If you want pics of the actual items just ask but as stated, they are as new and won't look any different to the pics on the manufacturers websites!

    Would prefer bank transfer if at all possible and for obvious reasons but will take paypal if I have too as long as you are willing to split the cost!

    Any questions, I'm around here most of the time!

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    Dillon is now sold too but the Giraud is still available. Price drop (and the only one! I will not sell it for less I may as well keep it and (under) use it!) 375 plus 20 P&P

    Bank transfer prefered but will take paypal if necessary but the buyer will need to split the costs..

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    Hi Paul,
    I've sent you an email


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