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Thread: Mystery Scope?

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    Mystery Scope?

    Hi troops,
    Unfortunately the lettering has worn off, but can anyone here identify which brand of scope this is? I can see what looks like 'Germany', but I'm lost on the rest of the text.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Could be a Doctor

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    that's a Nomura Elite mate ;-)

    edit - I think...
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    I've never even heard of them. Are they a good make? If not, I hope it's a Docter!

    The scope is attached to a full stocked .308 Krico in that I'm going to look at tonight, and I'd like to know what's what price wise....

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    look at the lettering, that's not a doctor, it starts with an 'N'.

    I could be crazy here, but it may have been an early version of a Bushnell...

    you can quickly judge if it's good though, usually German made means quality - but it's your chance to get it for peanuts by arguing that it's a non-identifiable scope which could in theory be worthless... say you'll offer a nominal 100 Kroner for it ;-)

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    I had the same thought about it being German quality, but since I don't know what it is, it could be a pig in a poke.

    If the rifle is in half way decent nick, I'm getting the scope for free though. He wants 4000 kr for both.

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    Here is another photo
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    yep, see the windage turret tower - NE - Nomura Elite.. :-)

    as for quality. shoot it and see :-)

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    I'm back, having just been to see it. Lovely rifle, that has unfortunately been stored in the previous owner's garage, and has a good few external rust spots (the bore looked fine though). I'm still unsure about the scope, it seemed nice and bright/sharp/clear, but I only had the chance to look at it indoors.

    I think I'm going to check the price of a re-blue and sleep on it before deciding.

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