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Thread: I'm gonna need a bigger boat, sorry, gun

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    I'm gonna need a bigger boat, sorry, gun

    I find myself in the extremely fortunate position of having secured a good deal of land with something of a Fallow deer problem. I know how hard this is for me and will just have to soldier on and all that. I currently use my 243 for all my stalking, usually with 105gn Geco ammo and I am very happy, it is the only round I have complete confidence in and usually stops things in their tracks. But, I'm sure there are the odd ones on the site who like me maybe want another rifle, the question is what calibre. Don't get me wrong, I am perfectly confident with my current calibre and bullet combo and have been for some years but the more I read and the fact that probably 75% of my deer for this year at least will be fallow, mostly prickets and cull does leads me to think a 7mm might be more effective. I am leaning towards a 7mm 08, how flat shooting is it, would it do for boar? I am not thinking of going abroad so that doesn't need to be an issue, would a 270 be better - what a nightmare. Also, as I ue a Sauer as the 7-08 is a short round I may be able to just buy a barrel and magazine. Some constructive comments would be welcomed.

    Many thanks.

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    I swapped a 243 for a 7mm08 a few years ago,

    I wouldnt go back.

    where do you live? if fairly local, you could try it.

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    Between Stroud and Tetbury. What advantags does one have over the othet apart from the obvious if any?

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    Hi Hillbilly, I bought a Tikka M595 in 7mm-08 only a couple of weeks ago. I'm now having to consider getting rid of it, due to my job looking risky. PM me if you're interested, and I tell you bit more about it. I'm in North Wilts, so not too far from you.

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    bigger boat, er gun.

    Try to shoot someones 7mm WSM, I have one alongside my .270Win, If your worried about recoil, make a pussy out of it with a can! Gold medal winners use 7mm WSM's

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    Have been down the same through train and am on the lookout now for a good left handed 7mm to compliment my 243. 7mm-08 does look a nice round - flat shooting, and flatter than the .308 and carries more energy at longer range. Basically the 7x57 in a short ter form and the 7x57 used to be loaded with a 140gn to 2,800fps (and called the 275 Rigby).

    I have a feeling the 7mm Rem Mag or the 7x64 may be a bit more versitile though as they can both shoot 176gn bullets at a higher velocity and thus very useful on Pigs and bigger plains game, and a re probaly a better compliment to your current .243.

    Mind you the 7x57 with 176gn bullets has accounted for an awful lot of big stuff.

    How do you find the 105gn bullet in the 243??

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    Thanks for the reply. The 105 gn from Geco has only recently come my way and although I have only killed 15 animals with them I can honestly say not one went more than 5 yards with most going down immediately, I am so impressed with them I question whether I really need a larger calibre, it's just the larger amount of fallow that I will be shooting this year that has made me consider it. I already considered 6.5 x 55 but if I'm going for a larger calibre it will be very different from the 243.


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    Hi hillbilly i think with youre sauer you'd have to also change the bolt,if you went .308 the only thing you need change is the barrel same mag same bolt same cartridge basically.For what its worth a good friend of mine who shoots a lot of reds went from .308 to .270 annd wishes he hadn't he's now going back to .308.
    ATB Neil

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    You are correct, the 243 bolt has three lugs whereas the 308 has 6. Sauer do a 'kit' for the exchange which although expensive saves on buying some new glass and I do love my Sauer.

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    i have .243 and 7mm 08 sako's i shoot mainly red and some boar with the 7mm. in short it is excellant. The ballistics are good although i do believe that if the animal is some way off you should not be guessing at the range and then thinking about what the bullet is going to do.

    i load my own and use nosler 140g b tips i have found these to have very good stopping power.

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