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Thread: Stalking from a high seat

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    Stalking from a high seat

    Just trying to get an idea how much stalking is actually done from a high seat. If this has been done before I apologise.

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    i think you might hav overlooked a little something here
    you can't stalk from a high seat
    unless you hav walked around the shooting rail first

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    Thank you Richard.

    You know what I mean.

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    i hate high seats especially if i hav paid to stalk
    i do hav high seats set up over my ground , but only really use them if i need too or think they will produce

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    i will only resort to using a high seat if i really have to !
    like if i have saftey issue or ive got problem fox , the other 99% of my stalking is done on foot shooting off sticks where i can maximise my chances !



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    Ive just returned from another great night with sako85.

    We stalked around a few diferent woodlines near basingstoke making within 15 meters of a Roe doe behind a nettle bush which was very inquisitive and on the way to the high seat another doe was seen which after us crouching down walked a good way towards us.

    Taking up position in the high seat i enjoyed observing another Roe and two munties which were way to fast for me before taking my first ever muntjac at 130 meters.

    I like taking photos of the deer interaction and being able to observe them for a good time before taking a shot so a well placed high seat and stalking giving a good balance of both is great for me.


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    High seats can be very productive in the right area.

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    All depends on the terrain and the job in hand.
    I have on permission where it can only be shot from a high seat due to safety reasons and the job in hand is crop protection(cherry orchard).
    I do like to be mobile when i/we stalk. It's about taking in the sights and sounds and a deer at the end is always a bonus.

    just my 2 penith worth


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    Sometimes I will start in a high-seat and then move off from there after 45 minutes or so. As Jonathon says, it really depends on the job in hand.


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    A while ago i picked up a thirty acre field which already had a high seat installed. Jimmy, the owner has given me the rest of the farm from now, we were chatting the other day whilst sheltering from the rain and Jimmy told me there`s another high seat in the barn waiting to be installed. The previous chap built them then lost his license before the second seat was installed.
    I`m not a big fan of high seats as i prefer to be on the move but i will install it see as though it`s already been built. No disrepect but i`d rather walk and stalk rather than sit, wait and hope.

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