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Thread: badgers dodging the bullet

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    badgers dodging the bullet

    panorama tonight at 8.30 bbc1, atb wayne
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    It will be interesting to see what spin or side of the argument is emphasized by the program.

    Cheers + ATVB

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes ?

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    The rspca man was dodging the bullet by trying to say he had not called for individuals to be named!

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    Was never going to be balanced , when the start with excerpts from "wind in the willows" and the presenter cut his teeth on a daytime tv programme "Animal Rescue 24", or something like that! Even the music choice was bad, silence when killing cows, dramatic heart wrenching strings when "slaughtering" Mr Badger!

    I have very little knowledge on the subject of tb in Badgers, but instinctively side with farmers.

    There is a big chance that his turns townie v bumpkin, personally I will give the farmers my full support. The last thing we need is a return to the days of the hunt sabs.

    I didn't expect anything more from the BBC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicholiath View Post
    The rspca man was dodging the bullet by trying to say he had not called for individuals to be named!

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    It winds me up. The activists are just extremists. How can they think harassing and threatening maybe even hurting people is acceptable. I listened to both sides and I wish there was a cure and the badgers can carry on being protected and all the tree hugger can save the world in a different way. But there is a bigger picture.
    Did you see the tool who had the 'fish feel pain' tshirt on. Another bloody idiot.


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    Watched that last night blooming joke pretty sure were the only country in Europe that doesn't control, hunt badgers and were also suffering the most with Tb,in cattle doesn't take an expert to work it out.activists happy to put your name address on the TVs internet etc but do it whilst wearing a Balaclava.not activists,just terrorists if you ask me.cheers

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    Quote Originally Posted by AllThingsShooting View Post
    I thought it entirely one sided as to be expected!

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    I must've been watching it through rosť tinted glasses, I thought it came across well for the farming community.

    Tom Heap also does Countryfile so he will be aware of the problem.

    The Antis they chose to interview were plonkers and came across as just that.
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    I think the real point about culling badgers has been missed completely all along. TB might be one good excuse to do it but the bottom line is the Badger population has exploded and the responsible thing to do is to curtail the numbers - for the good of the badger population as well as all that they are negatively effecting.

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