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Thread: Been thinking about a hornet

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    Been thinking about a hornet

    I've been toying with the notion of getting a Hornet not got much use for my rimmy any more, have had a .223 just fancied trying somat else for knocking about plinking and vermin
    i do my own reloading wondered what they're like have heard some good things about them
    Any thoughts lads ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarinePMI View Post
    Which Hornet? 17, 20 or 22?
    Oh brother....~Muir

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    Well I love mine, and find it easy to load for, mainly because of the help received on this forum.


    PS: No comment on .17", .19" or .20" as they are not real Hornets

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    yes i would like 22 hornet for vermin& fox people say go for 223 or 22 250 it is a perfect fox round but under prestent guildelines can leave you light on your ticket the plus side for me is ou can cast bullets

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    I know 3 guys & a 4th away to change .17hmr to .22 hornet purely because of the wind drift on the .17
    They say it is a belter of a round when no wind but even a breeze up here moves it
    tithe guys have found a belter of a load that that can throw together real quick & cheap and its hole on hole out at 200 yds

    they use it for bunnies & Charlie & swear by the .22 hornet.... One quoted as saying he had one 20 yrs ago and wondered why the hell he ditched it!

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    Hornet is my main prairiedog cartridge. We also have quite a bit of wind but you learn it quick enough.~Muir

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    if I didnt have a WMR I would have probably plumped for a hornet

    Went for a .222 to fill the gap a bit better

    have it loaded with a nice 55gr Vmax load, not too quick, very quiet and drops the foxes like a lightning bolt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muir View Post
    Oh brother....~Muir
    You know​ I had to ask...

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    A Hornet is great fun and even better you get 50 rounds per box. The were huge over here until we were allowed 222, 223's. I used hornady bst to great effect on foxes out to 200m.
    I also wish that I ever let mine go.


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