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Thread: sticking moderator

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    sticking moderator

    Hi Lads

    I have a wildcat moderator that just about fuses to the end of the gun after each use. Last time out, after only 1 shot, I had to use a filter ratchet to get it off

    I was told to put a bit of vaseline on the thread but this seems to make things worse once the barrel warms. I do take the mod off after each use.

    Would something like copper grease be better?

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    sticking moderator

    Was the rifle screwcut by the same people?, If not you may have a thread which is slightly off in pitch, albeit the right main thread. I have seen this once before, He cured it with a fine purpose made base spacer to stop the mod going all the way down tight, Just a possible answer. Steve.

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    sticking mod

    Forgot to mention spacer was made of aircraft ally.

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    Cant be sure without looking at it. try some copper grease, it cant doany harm. not too much just enough to cover the threads. It might be worth running a die nut down the threads if you are still having problems or stoning down any obvious high spots.


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    The rifle was screw cut with the mod in situ (or at least at the premises)

    Die nuts and stoning all sounds a bit technical so i will try wire brushing and grease I think

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    sticking mod

    You should get straight on the phone & ask for their comments, I have a wildcat & am very happy with it, others have also commented on its performance.

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    I had a simular problem on my .17 the barrel was factory threaded and when the mod was screwed on there wasn't enough thread on the barrel so the last bit was jamming,i solved it by using a large drill bit to just ream the thread on the mod back a bit.Alternatively you could try something like a copper washer to space it off a bit.
    ATB Neil

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    a tiny bit of copper grease will stop it sticking ,try your local auto factors

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