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Thread: Missed chance

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    Missed chance

    Just been out this weekend on my syndicate. This is a mature mixed woodland and stalking is not easy due to many factors. I had been out for about 4 hours and was starting to loose light so decided to make my way back to the vehicle. I then spotted movement at the side of one of the tracks and took cover. Binos confirmed it was a doe. So I planned my stalk and made it to about 80 yards where I took up a good position with good backstop, just as the doe started to cross the track - an absolute sitter. Down behind the scope Ready to shoot and found it had fogged up. By the time I cleared it the doe was in cover on the other side of the track.
    Oh well one that got away

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    We all loose every now and then. A few years ago I saw a nice buck stalked into him, getting ready to take him and he walked into the trees. So lay down to wait good chance he had just walked into the tree line to brows. Something russeled behind me I turned my head! Yes it was the buck, my dog barked at him he barked back and fxxxxx off. Nice buck though.

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