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Thread: stolen tailgate

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    stolen tailgate

    hi got up this morning and some lowlife had stolen the tailgate off my mazda pickup just left the bolts what abummer excess is 250 so not going there, going to try and get a second hand one ,it's a mazda baracuda so decals on it,
    This kind of thing make 's ya blood boil fu..ers.
    any one know where i can get hold of one

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    Your lucky they didn't take the catalytic converter off your exhaust at the same time !!!!
    Theres a lot of such thefts going on around here just lately

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    Scumbags !!!!! Try Thorntons breakers near bradford they were very good when i dealt with them, keep well away from a bloke by the name of maisey from herefordshire hes a con man

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    well could have been worse, mite have lost alot more the day before ihad my chainsaw in there plus tools.spare wheels still there .have gone on find apart see what happens .

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