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Thread: Barrel wear

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    Barrel wear

    I was wondering which calibers are known to use barrels more quickly than other calibres?
    I heard that .270 and .243 use barrles quite quickly and you start seeing worse groping after several hundreds shots. My father in law which shoots quite a lot used to have 0.5" grouping from his old Mannlicher and it started to getting a bit worse afetr approximately 2-3k bullets from his 7x64 rifle. It is still not bad though, and I think his .30-06 Mannlicher after several hundreds of bullets through still shoots perfect.


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    High velocity = shorter barrel life.

    Big case for calibre also = short barrel life.

    .303, 7x57 etc will shoot accurately for a very long time.

    Once you start getting above 3000 fps barrel life starts dropping quite rapidly, but a decent barrel should have a life of a few thousand rounds, but how its looked after becomes more important.

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    I have a .243 that has had nearly 2000 rounds through it and still groups under 3" at 500 meters, when I am doing my bit anyway.

    Barrel life also has a lot to do with the steel quality which can vary greatly.

    There is a theory that the greater the angle of the shoulders of a case and the longer the neck the greater the barrel life.

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    this is great news i have a big old .308 which must have done thousands of rounds i now have somthing else to blame my p??s poor shooting on thanks lads

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    .308s will go a long way. I have a rather simple excel spreadsheet calc for barrel life, but it doesn't take into account the various metallurgical differences between barrels.

    Polygonal rifling barrels will last longer, but give high pressure readings for all-copper bullets. They do well for more rapid firing practices. Normal barrels will last a long time if looked after and cleaned properly.

    I think the biggest threat to barrel life is moderators not being taken off when the rifle is stored. We had another 2 dud rifles come through the office last week, one was only 7/8 months old, due to damage done to the crown and last few inches of rifling by the corrosive hot gases and dampness contained within the moderators after firing. Both would have to have had 3 or 4 inches taken off the barrels so not workable, but we'll keep one of the actions for rebarreling in the future.

    The other older rifle was beautifully maintained on the outside, but you could hardly operate the bolt for crud in the lug recesses and the barrel (aside from the crumbling rifling at the muzzle) was just gopping...and underneath the gunge and embedded copper?...yes, pitting.

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    When I went to buy a new rifle I saw a 300wsm and I spoke to the gunsmith about its supposed high barrel wear. He asked me what it would be used for and I said I was starting to go deer stalking in Scotland and would be going out only a max of 10 times a year. He told me the barrel would last many years longer than my knees

    It has.

    Mauser66 - thanks for the use of the word "gopping". A much underused word these days, and one that always brings a smile to my face. Must be an age thang

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    barrel life

    Also worth consideration is copper fouling, I have personal experience of this as I bought my Missus a .303 Enfield in fair to middling condition, I gave it a series of Wipeout sessions & she ended up with a very accurate rifle, (shame she could'nt shoot it!), I was poring over the shelves of a local gunshop a few years back & spotted a very badly knocked about Sako Finnbear .270, after having had the ejector blade repaired, (It had been smashed, & the barrel had some nasty scars on it), I shot it with several differing loads to not much of an effect, Then discovered the aforemention product, used it a couple of times, this barrel is now shooting clay pigeon off nails set at 600yds. So before you junk that poor shooting rifle, have a real good look at it!

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    I use .17Rem for vermin I always remove the mod after every session and give the crown and threads a good clean i can use up to 200rds in a night and it can take the best part of a day to clean it,i found tetra gun to be the best yet as the .17 just seems to colect copper, i religeously clean my guns after every outing,even after one shot,along with the bolt and the chamber,i got a Dewey chamber cleaning kit that makes life easyer. I use PESs/s mods and the instructions for them is to give the inside a squirt with WD40 or the likes.I have always home loaded and put a good few thousand rounds down the barrel with no loss of accuracey.

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    My Steyr SSG69 in 308win has had over 3700 rounds through it without and real noticable increase in grouping. It's still sub MOA.

    In contrast, i burnt out a 22-250 barrell in less than 1500 rounds!

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    Hmmm is the Forrest Foaming Bore cleaner the same as Wipeout?

    I use the Forrest cleaner but have never come across wipe out yet.

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