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Thread: Bushnell Trophy Camera problems

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    Bushnell Trophy Camera problems


    I wonder if anyone can help, i have two Bushnell Trophy Cams model - 119435. They have for some reason both stopped working? They seem to turn on as the red light on the front lights up but the LCD screen in the inside doesnt work? Has anyone else had this problem of perhaps knows how to fix it? Any help would be much appreciated given the price of these bad boys...! Thanks in advance! Jack

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    I've had the same problem as you describe. First thing I would do is return it to the retailer... unfortunately I covered my case in real-tree camo and thus don't think I have recourse as I 'modified' the product (any excuse for them to refuse a refund)...

    I think it's a damp/condensation problem because when I bring it home, open it, stick it on the radiator it begins to work again... takes about 5-6 days for the LCD screen to work fully again.

    I've just invested in some silica gel sachets to stick inside the next time I leave it out in the field.


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    I have one which stopped working so I returned it to the importers as it was under 2 years old it waas replaced with a new one.
    Importers J J Vickers & Sons Ltd - UK & Ireland Distributors

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