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Thread: scope price.

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    scope price.

    hi all you wise ones are the cheaper priced center fire scopes any good ?

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    Aye, the Burris fulfield is not a bad scope at all and around 200. There are a lot of articles floating around the world wide web regarding optics and the general concensus as far as I can see is that there is a huge difference between a 40 scope and a 200 scope, but between a 200 scope and a 1000 scope there isn't as much of an advantage that require the difference in the price tag.

    Bushell scopes are also all ok and they are not to bad - a lot of fakes on fleabay though.

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    Old Nikko Stirling
    solid construction very good optics
    Bushnell are OK too
    Leupold a bit more pricer but you can get some mint VX1 and VX2 low variable (3-9x40/50) for under 200 if you are patient

    if you are buying cheap stick to fixed mag
    asking for trouble buying complex AND cheap

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    Now sit back and watch the scope-bling junkies start howling about just how fabulous their 1000+ glittery toys are.

    It ocurred to me that the difference between a scope snob and a fashionista in a shoe store was...precisely nothing. 'Oh my, this Swarovski/these Manolo Blahniks are *simply* ravishing...' 'I wouldn't be seen *dead* without my Zeiss/Stuart Weitzmans, darling'... 'oh well, you*could* use Leupold/John Lewis, but I find the build quality just *so* different...'

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    Very funny, and oh so true !!!

    never the less I wouldn't be without my Zeiss

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    Bang on and there are some cheap items out there but i shoot a sauer because i wanted it for posing it has culled alot but no more than my cheap Tikka. I have a swaro scope vari and it is bright and has help cull a lot but no more than my cheap meopta. Would i swap them back NO CHANCE LOL.

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    I have had Simmons White tail classic very good for the money. I now have 2 bushnells one each on my 243 and my 30-06 both have functioned admirably over the 3-4 years I have had them. They have seen service from Scotland to Africa never a problem both hold zero and even when Scotland,s weather was doing its worst they still performed. I have on my 270 a Barska 3-9 x 50 this is my second Barska and for less than 100 it too has come through a very wet and tough 3 days in Scotlands worst without any issues. i personally think that unless you are a proffesional stalker it isnt worth spending thousands on scopes save the cash for your stalking. You could do worst than look at the Barska range.

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    my mate uses redfield scopes they seem quite good for the money

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    tusker 3 days in scotland they need to do a thousand to uit us we live here

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