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Thread: Bonchester Bridge area

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    Bonchester Bridge area


    I'm going to be working and living in the Bonchester bridge area for the next few months. I was just wondering for anybody knows of any game shoots round that area.



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    Used to be a small shoot on Cleuchead Farm


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    murray amanda16 on here has stalking at carter barand he will know of any game shoots around there
    atb tom

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    what are you looking to achieve, buy days for driven shoots, rough shooting, deer stalking, you looking to rent stalking or join a syndicate?

    I spoke to the chap that owns cleuchhead the other day, it's rented out to a private syndicate for this year, but he is reviewing it for next year and doesn't believe they stalk deer at all. mind, he charges a very pretty penny indeed, and it's big ground.

    TBH, if you're looking to rent a few days for some rough shooting I might be able to get you a name or two but it's very difficult times for all gamekeepers in that area at the moment given the cost of birds, feed, and the last few years recession so the locals seem to get pushed out by the landowners who end up syndicating privately with the old gamekeepers ending up with contract work to help with release and feeding, etc. here and there. Farmers are business-people, they know how to make a penny and have quickly found out that if you squeeze out the middle man you earn more bang for your buck!

    if you're looking to find stalking that's easy enough, I can put you in touch with a couple of people - however, if you're looking to get some ground of your own, then don't bother wasting you efforts because the region is saturated to the rim with me, I speak to most of the local farmers on a very regular basis and am always trying to pick up new ground!

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    Hi thanks for the reply

    All I'm looking for is a few days pheasant shooting, not looking for land as only working up there for a few months. Would also like a few days stalking

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    will have a chat with one or two people for you this weekend mate, would be happy to meet for a pint next weekend (not this one) at the H&H if you're around.



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    Get yourself into the horse and hounds and ask for Brendon, now there's a man that can get thing's sorted around there.

    If you do bump into him give him my regard's, he's the salt of the earth and what a great place to be with great people except the FC ranger.

    Galloway Deer Stalking

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    ..response removed to by poster to avoid accidentally offending others...
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    Cheers pkl, yeah if you can get me some numbers would be great. Is there many shoots in the area?

    and a beer sounds good

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    not too many, usually smaller and non-commercial. when I say non-commercial I mean big-bird, range rover and tweed type days. There is one that always goes large, but the people organising the smaller more down to earth shoots changes a bit from year to year and from ground to ground depending what they can afford and/or get hold of.

    when are you moving to BB?


    Quote Originally Posted by murray50 View Post
    Cheers pkl, yeah if you can get me some numbers would be great. Is there many shoots in the area?

    and a beer sounds good

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