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Thread: antler dye

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    antler dye

    has anyone used antler dye ive seen it for sale on bush wear and was wondering if its any good or is there any other products out there that i could use

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    We used to darken antlers with a solution of water and potassium permanganate .

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    +1 for bambislayer.

    Most sensible chemists will order it for you explain what you want it for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambislayer View Post
    We used to darken antlers with a solution of water and potassium permanganate .
    +1 for above but use sparingly!! Easy to overdo!

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    I have the Bushwear one and find it needs a lot of layers. Much more effective I prefer finding a clay soil of the right colour and adding direct to antlers or taking some home to rub on later. Like the real thing it stains slightly and dries to give a good colour, to finish rub is down to create white tips and pearling if needed.

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    I've used wood stain successfully. ATB
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    Use this chap he is very cheap and it is quality stuff,the chemist will sell you a minuscule amount.

    POTASSIUM PERMANGANATE 400g 99.9%+ Purity, Top Grade Material | eBay

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    Once treated, do NOT let your antlers get wet - condensation etc will allow the Potassium Permanganate to drip purple onto your perfectly whitened skull mount!
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    Be careful when using Potassium Permanganate, a little at a time , be aware that when you first put it onto the antlers it`s bright purple but soon calms down to a more subtle brown colour

    Tip here is before you start to apply the Potassium Permanganate, cover the whole skull with kitchen roll and then wrap it in cling film, leaving none of the skull exposed, small brush, small amount, and dab it on again be careful as it runs like hell over the surface of the antlers, Oh! and don`t use it in the kitchen


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    Have used brown shoe polish, very, very sparingly applied with a brush and brushed off on a Fallow mount. Still looks good after 3 years.

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