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Thread: bavarian pup

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    bavarian pup

    hi tom here i am looking for a bavarian pup anyone who has a litter of pups ready our has one that may be coming avaliable please contact me .i am looking for a dog with working parents

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    Bavarian mountain hound puppies

    We are about to mate our bitch, please give us a call for further details.

    Picture below

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    I know of two half trained dogs (bitch and dog) for sale at 12months old, already on deer. Plus two puppies left that are both dogs. Only going to stalking homes.

    PM me if you are interested


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    Sika you mention that the dogs you know about are for stalking homes only, I just wonder why ? it cant be to protect the breed in the UK and ensure that its working ancestry is safeguarded because this would be a superfluous action considering the damage that has been done, or is in danger of being done to the breed by the back yard breeding program operated by some owners in this country.
    I am passionate about my dogs, like most people on the forum and when I see what is happening to the BMH, its enough to make you weep. Dogs without papers, breeding without regard, hyped up prices, (what I blame it all on), breeding dogs with serious line faults, not health testing before breeding and a breed club thatís as toothless as the United Nations and wont enforce its own ethics and at the end of this sorry line boys and girls who sometimes part with large sums of money to be burnt badly.
    Iím not having a go at your breeder he, or she, may be one of the good ones but if so they are in the minority. This is just a personal rant because what I was told this country would do with the breed by my continental friends, e.g. ruin it, is coming true, and because its hot and my favourite dog swimming pool on the estate is full of tourists so I cant use it in peace , hence Iím on here .
    I guess my point is that your friend cant protect the breed by letting the dogs go to stalkers only so he might as well sell them to good homes. It wont do any more damage to the breed than is currently being done in the name of hard currency.

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