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Thread: Favourite Shooting/Stalking memory?

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    Favourite Shooting/Stalking memory?

    Work's a bit quiet at the moment, so I've been recalling the sporting memories built up over 40+ years. There have been lots of good times, and some that weren't enjoyable but taught me a lot (the first keeper I beat for was an ex-RSM!). Shooting my first rabbit with an air rifle was a real mile stone. My first driven pheasant (on a snowy day in the early '80's) and woodcock (stuffed and still on my book case) both shot with a BSA folding single barrel also loom large. Stalking favourites include my first fallow buck and a sika stag within an hour of each other, and a good long stalk for a nice 11 pointer stag on the hill in Perthshire. The one that will probably sustain me most though is a cock pheasant I shot with an air rifle when I was 12 years old - not terribly sporting, and maybe not even advisable, but I remember every detail!

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    My first two bucks very near to you, a few weeks after my DSC1.

    I remember carrying them out too.

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    my most enjoyable exsperience now days is helping somebody new to reloading and getting them to their first kill or bull with thier own made ammo

    great satisfaction

    apart from that learning something from speaking to other like minded people i.e. muir, danpd etc
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    I honed my rifle shooting a the age of 9 i had the action and barrel of an airsporter with no stock and is was so heavy i had to rest it on posts or fences to shoot. My main quarry was water voles that as a kid i thought were water rats,its only years later now the vole is in decline that i wish i hadent shot so many but i will remember those day forever

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    It would have to be woodland red deer stalking. Because its tough and exciting.

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    So many memories......but some of the ones with extra zing are-

    - first pheasant which was also the first retrieve for my first gundog a golden retriever
    - first time my son and I shot game together
    - first roe after many blank stalks
    - first red
    - first salmon
    - first goose
    - first left & right (it was two teal)
    - my son's first roe closely followed by his second two minutes later. He was shaking with adrenalin for ages afterwards.
    - the time I shot three roe within 4 minutes of each other.

    There is more but these are the ones that come back so easily from my memory.


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    Being County Full-bore open champion at 500 yards with a borrowed .303 rifle in 1956 and rapid fire champion at 300 yards the following year.
    Also winning the Class A, 100 bird D.T.L. English Championship in 1969 with 99/100 plus 24/25 in a shoot-off to secure the trophy. [ I shot for the England Team in 1970 and 1971 ]

    Here is that trophy `The Referee Cup`.
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    my first squirrel with a air arms camarge , i think i was 14

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    Shooting the first rabbit by my self when I was 8. It was busy digging away under a willow tree by my grans house when I shot it with my older brothers BSA meteor S, I was so excited I grabbed it by the rear legs, ditched the rifle and run straight home to show my dad. Thing was I'd shot it in the ass and the little bugger was still kicking when I got it home, then I got shown how to bump them on the head...

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    Favourite shooting memory:

    One of my favourite Stalking memories:

    The other 4 were down the hill a bit more
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