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Thread: Can you help with 2 secondhad valuations please?

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    Can you help with 2 secondhad valuations please?

    Hi guys-need an estimate on how much my 2 rifles are worth. I've an Anschutz 1712 'meistergrade' which of course is a .22lr. has slight mark-about 7mm long-next to front sling swivel mount. just under 3 years old-1500-1700 rounds fired. barrel shortened to 18" and screw cut for moderator. will shoot a 10 shot group prone with bipod 15mm at 50 yards with RWS sub sonic HP(basically cuts a line 1 shot wide and up to 15mm tall)

    Other rifle is a Savage model 12 BTCSS less than 8 months old and same spec as factory including screw cut for moderator. Less than 70 rounds fired and grouping sub moa with Hornady 50 grain Vmax.

    Any ideas on approx value as I may be selling them?
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    have a good look on guntrader and guage prices off there. then you have a rough ball park on what to ask

    atb jay

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