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Thread: So that's how it feels

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    So that's how it feels

    I got my first dog 6 years ago,(HWV) shortly follow by a second(patterdale) 12 months later, then a third(springer) 12 months after that.
    After seeing shooting companions and friends loose dogs to illness/accidents/old age over the years and seeing different reactions and emotions, I always wondered how I'd react when it was my turn.
    After receiving a phone call last night to tell me my dad had lost the terrier while walking her and the springer for me as I was away working, it didn't concern me as she often disappears into cover but not for long and not far away.
    Anyway I got another call 2 hours later to tell me they'd found her dead at the side of a dual carriageway about 300 yards from where she went missing.
    My dad was extremely upset but he hadn't done anything different to what he's done a 100 time before while I'm away, she either panicked and tried to head for home or chased something.
    The only plus to it was she was killed cleanly with a blow to the head.
    Going back to how it feels. It's f#€king horrible. And to loose her in that way at only 5 makes it even worse.


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    i can only imagine how your dad can be feeling, feel for you both


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    I am very sorry to read this that's terrible news.


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    Sorry to read that mate.....very sad!!

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    Sorry to hear about this-I'm sure your dad feels worst of all. Up he doesn't dwell on it too much, even the best trained dogs can do something out of character every now and then.

    Best Regards,


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    matt its tragic when you lose any pet

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    Shocking pal sorry to hear it.

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    know exactly how you feel,. sad time for both of you . shotz

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    Took my ESS to work today for the first time ever.

    I'm sat here watching her snoozing now.

    Sometimes I could throttle her, she isnt as well trained as I would like but we love her to bits.

    Doesn't bear thinking about. I'm really sorry for your loss.
    Yes I should have taken the Blue Pill!

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    I grew up around working dogs all my life with my dad where lurches & terriers were bought, sold & swapped on an almost weekly business. I never got attached to any dog. In 2002 I got divorced and gave my springers x2 to a good working home. Not a tear shed. I now have a 6 1/2 year old & a 5 year old Weimaraner and could not bare to be without either of them. Ive come close with the bitch twice, an adder bite & falling through ice on a pond. just like you I dread the day and don't know how I will deal with it when it comes.
    My sympathy for you and your dad.

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