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Thread: fox pairs

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    fox pairs

    i was out last night for a couple of hours, this was the first in a few weeks due to work commitments etc. We scanned a small field and spotted a fox hunting something small around clumps of dockens in the far right corner of the field, after waiting a while to get a decent shot i dropped the fox at approx 130m. We started making our way back towards the gate into the field to recover the fox having a chat as we went. I scanned the rear of the field again to reveal another set of eyes this time a bigger fox. He was hunting in the similar ground ie dockens but in the back left of the field. There was no shot available due to the location and he didnt respond to the calls. i watched him for a good 5 minutes as he made he way over to his partner, he had a sniff at the dead fox and then trotted off. I was confident i could hit him at the slow walk which didnt work out the way i had hoped. I missed him and proceeded to make my way over to the first fox. she was a heavy vixen well hit in the throat and died on the spot. the dog fox was spotted again skulking around the edge of the field before he eventually left the area.

    this is the first pairing of foxes i have seen this season,

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    shot two last night, definitely paired up

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    Removed Two last night they were definitely an item, dog fox kept very close to the vixen even after she was down, about same time as last year around here.

    Taking fox pro with me tomorrow night, try a few calls out, see what's what ?


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    Had these on Thursday night dog and vixen definitely paired up the vixen didn't go far when he was shot, later saw another pair but we only got the one. These completely ignored all calls especially anything fox related

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    Al4x1. Nice pair to get, nice pic
    Look in good nick. apart from the odd hole

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    the foxes i am seeing are definately in good shape, saying that we having only had a couple of frosts so far this season and they havent faced too much hardship. But i am certain the foxes i am hitting are larger and heavier than previous seasons in the same area


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    I had five last night on a local pheasant shoot. Three came to the 'vixen on heat' call (two dogs and a vixen), a vixen came to the mouth caller after I heard her fighting over the hill (I'd left the Foxpro in position when I went to investigate), and the fifth was out in a field of sheep - it was shot in the throat at just short of 200 yards. Unlike the dumped 'charity foxes' I shot last week, these were all huge and really healthy (albeit with a bullet hole each).

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    Saw four pairs last saturday night but could only manage one pair,we hadnt parked these were on the way in.Also heared two or three others over the boundary this was near Oswestry.Dave

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    Quote Originally Posted by philip View Post
    Al4x1. Nice pair to get, nice pic
    Look in good nick. apart from the odd hole


    for where they were shot they were exceptional its right on the edge of town and most are in pretty bad nick the dog was huge hence bothering to take a pic. The vixen was a throat shot like paddys as she shot into a patch of thistles on the shot and only stuck her head up when we went to pick him, under nv shooting downhill at 80 yards with a 200 yard zero I didn't want to shoot over her so cross hairs on neck and the shot went in about nose level through the spine and yet she still had some go in her when the dog found her which was amazing considering the damage,

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    hi there, im just wondering what light you have on top of your rifle? im thinking of getting one of these but dont know many people with one so looking to know what range they give good light out to and a make and model please if you could? looks perfect for jumping out of the landy, no wires catching on the gearstick! thanks!

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