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Thread: Maize harvest

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    Maize harvest

    Last year the last maize was cut on my ground on 29th sept. This year only a couple of fields cut and some is still not ripe.

    There are thousands of acres still uncut on the somerset levels alot in standing water and v short. I saw some woodies flighting into some this am.

    Could benift wildlife in particular brock but also roe like the cover but would they take the cobs? All now looking very brown as clobbered by the couple of sharp frosts.

    Anybody else in a similar situation?


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    It was cut last week on ours, it was falling off the stalks so ended up a mad rush to get it in, walked round on saturday and there was a hell of a lot on the floor,
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    A local farmer cut his two weeks ago. Where his clamp would normally be overflowing, this year it was only about 15 - 20% full...

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    Those that have cobbed have one measley insect infested excuse of a cobb here. Not good.
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    Still some to go round my permissions and typically it is where there is a good head of fallow and roe are so hoping it is down soon

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