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Thread: cutting down a .22?

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    cutting down a .22?

    I've recently purchased an ancshutz 1416. It still has full open sights and, while screw cut beyond the foresight, I think I'd prefer to have it cut down.

    Question is, how short is too short before velocity is affected?


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    IIRC all the powder is burnt within 16", after that it's actually slowing the bullet down. 16.5" seems to be a popular length.

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    saw one at 12". still killed the bunnies!

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    Mine is tres short and shoots very accurately, will get it out later (the rifle) and measure it!
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    12" is the minium barrel length allowed by law.


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    Is there not a limit to how short you can cut a barrel before it is ileagle

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    my annie 1517 is 14 inches. its nice and compact. ideal for ou the 4x4 window

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whitebeard View Post
    12" is the minium barrel length allowed by law.

    I dunno if this is right but my local smiths told me the overall fire-arms length had to be 24" but I might be mistaken.

    16" would sound like a good length...

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