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Thread: Browning x bolt 308

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    Browning x bolt 308

    Hi folks,does anybody else use factory ammo in one of these?I'm having a job zeroing mine with Federal Fusion 150grain and Winchester 150grain.Checked everything else that could be a problem so wondered if its fussy on ammo?any help would be appreciated.

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    Have you checked the scope mount bases,Andrew? It is a common cause of inconsistencies, also is the barrel free floating especially if you use a bipod,use a piece of thin paper and run it along the barrel underside when the bipod is mounted and the rifle is supported on the ground ie in the firing position.. it might help ID the problem ,just a couple of checks..Good Luck!

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    i have that exact rifle in 308 i reload for it now but i used to use 150 grain hornady interlock factory ammo with great results



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    I have checked the bases,mounts and rings,all tight.Checked clearance of barrel and stock with paper,its free.Used with and without bipod.Might buy another brand of ammo just to see if the problem continues.I can zero it 6cm high at 100m and is ok but go back to 200 and everything is everywhere.Very frustrating!

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    You say you've checked your scope mounts etc but have you checked your action is tight in the bedding?

    If you are getting a consistent repeatable group at 100m it should be consistent and a similar shape at 200m but twice as big (plus a bit allowing for the wind).
    If it isn't you are doing something different. Don't be too quick to blame the ammo or your rifle.
    Get your rifle fit, hold and technique all sorted & it should be more predictable.


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    Try Norma 150gn BT, most consistent in my experience of factory fodder. Goes without saying you should give it a good fecking clean first.

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    Thanks everyone for their input.Had the outfit looked over by gun shop tonight and the rifle scope,mounts etc fine.Possible mark on end of moderator may indicate that the bullet is fouling on it.Took it out to the field tonight and under the lamp managed an inch group at 100m.Two shots at 200m were just over an inch.Thank goodness i'm getting somewhere 3 boxes of ammo used!!Will check with mod on when i get a chance in daylight and then contact Jackson Rifles regarding the problem.

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    Aha - Glad you're getting somewhere. A one inch "group" at 200 ain't bad in the dark!
    What mod are you using? Also is your rifle factory screwcut or was it done by a third party? It could be down to either thread being badly cut. A good (proper) gunsmith (not gun dealer) could check both out for you.
    I'd get it checked before shooting any more through the moderator!


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    atec cmm4 moderator.The rifle was factory screw cut.

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