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Thread: Stalking deer near to Aylesbury

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    Stalking deer near to Aylesbury

    I’ve been invited to stalk deer predominantly Fallow next week near to Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire has anybody any tips etc for stalking in that area at this time of year?

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    Von i was down in Sussex 2 weeks ago stalking fallow and found high seats more productive than stalking on foot, cover was still quite high and the does were only moving at first/last light like sika. It was in woodland and they did not hang about long crossing rides, a good shout in a strong scottish accent usually worked though as apposed to a whistle. I wish we had them in the highlands as they a very challenging species to stalk.

    ATB wallace

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    I take it you are stalking down near Ashridge / FC ground in the Chilterns (as that's we're the fallow are?). I've shot the different areas around Aylesbury all my life and still retain stalking on the east side. CWD, Muntjac and Roe in the open areas are easily found, you've got to be alongside the Chilterns to see Fallow.

    My advice would be to see what terrain you'll be stalking and apply your best guess at the required skill needed.


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    Im shooting near to Dunstable also, found out more tonight. Thanks for the feedback guys, I'll try my best!!!

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    Isn't there a wallaby or two down that way !
    that would be interesting .

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    Quote Originally Posted by norma 308 View Post
    Isn't there a wallaby or two down that way !
    that would be interesting .
    I know of a Wallaby being picked up dead just south down the A5 from Stoney Stratford. 2011

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    Only a hop skip and a jump away Duncan
    cheers doug

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    How much lead and which way would you give it.

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    I'll go the official way and say I wouldn't shoot one as its not specified on my ticket lol mind you if it was chasing my pheasant round the pen then a barrel full of BBs

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